More Cute Stories Volume 3: Museum of the Weird


Bamboo Forest Publishing is proud to announce the release of Disney Legend Rolly Crump’s More Cute Stories, Volume 3: Museum of the Weird. This high-quality recording includes fourty-two minutes of all new stories about one of the most famous attractions that never was: The Museum of the Weird. It is available on CD and as a digital download from all major online music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.

After a 1965 television appearance on The Wonderful World of Color, Rolly became internationally known for an attraction that was never even built: The Museum of the Weird. In More Cute Stories Volume 3, Rolly tells the haunting history of the attraction, leads us on a chilling walk through its chambers, and dishes the disquieting dirt on why it wasn’t built, and why its popularity endures to this day!

Jeff Heimbuch, who co-authored Rolly’s biography, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, also recorded More Cute Stories Volume 3. “The Museum of the Weird has always been my favorite unbuilt attraction,” says Jeff, “and it’s what drove me to become such a fan of Rolly’s to begin with. It was surrounded by this cool mystique, and it became the stuff of legend. All it took were a few short glimpses on TV and some crazy concept art, and it was forever lodged into the heads of Disney fans everywhere, mine included. I think, because of that, the attraction’s appeal still lasts to this day. Marvel is releasing a comic series based on it, a movie was announced a few years ago, and people still ask Rolly about it all the time. It clearly is a classic attraction, and has continued to exist and thrive in our imaginations for almost 50 years.”

More Cute Stories, Vol 3 will be available on CD and digital formats.


In addition to the new CD, a new poster print of the Museum of the Weird, signed by Rolly Crump, will also be available for sale.

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More Cute Stories, Vol 2: Animators and Imagineers


That’s right, folks! Rolly is back again, with even MORE cute stories to share!
“When Volume 1 was released, it was so well‐received that people immediately started asking when
Volume 2 would come out,” says Bamboo Forest Publishing’s founder, Leonard Kinsey. “Luckily, Rolly  has tons of stories left to tell, so there was really no doubt that we’d continue the series, even if it was done purely for historical documentation. But I have to say that this is no dry history lesson ‐ it is  absolutely hilarious! I think people are going to be a bit shocked, honestly – the content is a lot more  adult‐oriented than Volume 1with stories of bawdy jokes and off‐color pranks, as well as lots of trippy  tales of ‘smoking’.”
This time, Rolly shares some tales about some of his closest friends while working at Disney. Some names you’re recognize, some names you won’t, but you’ll still get a great look into who these people are.
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Seekers of the Weird

A lot of people have been asking us about the upcoming “Seekers of the Weird” comic and how involved Rolly has been in it.

Unfortunately, while the comic is based on his designs and concept for the Museum of the Weird, Rolly wasn’t involved with the story or art direction. Disney owns the idea and artwork, and therefore, they do not need to involve Rolly.

I will say that Rolly has, very recently, been visited by some of the folks from Imagineering working on the project. He has seen a lot of the artwork and scripts. He reported to me that he liked the way it looked and was glad to see something finally come out of his designs. However, again, he is not involved in the project beyond that capacity.

For more information on the project, check out this great article from Comic Book Resources about it. We’re glad that Marvel / Disney are bringing the Museum to light in some way, and paying homage to Rolly. But next time, hopefully, they’ll involve the man who created it a bit more!

More Cute Stories, Vol. 1: Disneyland History

We promised you something new and fun being announced this week, and here it is!


Bamboo Forest Publishing is proud to announce the release of Disney Legend Rolly Crump’s More Cute Stories, Volume 1: Disneyland History.  This high-quality recording includes nearly fifty minutes of all new stories about Disneyland, told by Rolly himself. It is available on CD and as a digital download from most major online music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.


The Imagineers, those men and women who helped Walt Disney bring his creations to life, have achieved legendary status among theme park enthusiasts. One of the most beloved Imagineers is Rolly Crump, whose work can be seen not only in Disney Parks, but also in other theme parks, casinos, and cultural centers worldwide. Rolly was instrumental in designing some of Disney’s most famous attractions, including the ’64  New York World’s Fair pavilions, it’s a small world, The Enchanted Tiki Room , and many more. Even More Cute Stories focuses on Rolly’s time at Disneyland, and includes nearly an hour’s worth of anecdotes about the creation of the park and the people who built it, including previously unheard stories about Walt Disney himself.


Jeff Heimbuch, who co-authored Rolly’s biography, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, also recorded More Cute Stories. “Despite having sat with Rolly for countless hours, listening to him relay tales of his time at Disney for It’s Kind Of A Cute Story,” says Jeff, “he still surprises me with brand new stories every single time we talk. No one can tell a tale quite like Rolly, so we decided that having the man himself actually tell you these brand new stories was the best way to preserve them!”


“We received a lot of requests for an audio version of Rolly’s book,” says Bamboo Forest Publishing’s founder, Leonard Kinsey. “If you’ve ever seen him speak at an event, you’d understand why – he’s hilarious, charismatic, and extremely engaging. But getting him to record the entire book would have taken months, and we all agreed that his valuable time would be much better spent recording stories that hadn’t already been documented. So what we ended up with here is not only historically important, but massively entertaining. It’s like having Rolly sitting in your living room, having a drink and reminiscing on old times.”


More Cute Stories, Volume 1: Disneyland History by Rolly Crump is available on CD at at a list price of $9.95. It is also available in digital formats including mp3 and FLAC at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and most other major retailers. Check for more pictures, news, and event information, including book signings and appearances.

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Upcoming Events

Rolly and Jeff will be doing two upcoming events! Check the events tab for more information!

Thursday, Jan 31st Signing Cancelled

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the signing at the Encitias, CA Barnes and Noble has been cancelled.

Please consider joining us the next day, Friday, Feb 1st, at the Barnes and Noble in Orange, CA. Information on the event page!


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The book has a release date, and it is soon!

That’s right, on 11/20/2012, you’ll be able to get your copy!

The book will be available online at all major booksellers (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble), and in book stores everywhere! It will also be on the Bamboo Forest Publishing web store.

The book will be available as a soft cover and retail for $24.95.

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I also saw the book for myself for the first time today. Here’s a video of my seeing it for the first time!

The proof is here!

Our publisher, Bamboo Forest Publishing, received the proof of the book yesterday!

Soon, it will be off to Rolly for him to check, and then…the release will be nigh! Mid-November, here we come!