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Seekers of the Weird

A lot of people have been asking us about the upcoming “Seekers of the Weird” comic and how involved Rolly has been in it.

Unfortunately, while the comic is based on his designs and concept for the Museum of the Weird, Rolly wasn’t involved with the story or art direction. Disney owns the idea and artwork, and therefore, they do not need to involve Rolly.

I will say that Rolly has, very recently, been visited by some of the folks from Imagineering working on the project. He has seen a lot of the artwork and scripts. He reported to me that he liked the way it looked and was glad to see something finally come out of his designs. However, again, he is not involved in the project beyond that capacity.

For more information on the project, check out this great article from Comic Book Resources about it. We’re glad that Marvel / Disney are bringing the Museum to light in some way, and paying homage to Rolly. But next time, hopefully, they’ll involve the man who created it a bit more!