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More Cute Stories Volume 3: Museum of the Weird


Bamboo Forest Publishing is proud to announce the release of Disney Legend Rolly Crump’s More Cute Stories, Volume 3: Museum of the Weird. This high-quality recording includes fourty-two minutes of all new stories about one of the most famous attractions that never was: The Museum of the Weird. It is available on CD and as a digital download from all major online music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.

After a 1965 television appearance on The Wonderful World of Color, Rolly became internationally known for an attraction that was never even built: The Museum of the Weird. In More Cute Stories Volume 3, Rolly tells the haunting history of the attraction, leads us on a chilling walk through its chambers, and dishes the disquieting dirt on why it wasn’t built, and why its popularity endures to this day!

Jeff Heimbuch, who co-authored Rolly’s biography, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, also recorded More Cute Stories Volume 3. “The Museum of the Weird has always been my favorite unbuilt attraction,” says Jeff, “and it’s what drove me to become such a fan of Rolly’s to begin with. It was surrounded by this cool mystique, and it became the stuff of legend. All it took were a few short glimpses on TV and some crazy concept art, and it was forever lodged into the heads of Disney fans everywhere, mine included. I think, because of that, the attraction’s appeal still lasts to this day. Marvel is releasing a comic series based on it, a movie was announced a few years ago, and people still ask Rolly about it all the time. It clearly is a classic attraction, and has continued to exist and thrive in our imaginations for almost 50 years.”

More Cute Stories, Vol 3 will be available on CD and digital formats.


In addition to the new CD, a new poster print of the Museum of the Weird, signed by Rolly Crump, will also be available for sale.

Be sure to buy your copy today!

NOTE: We know that the digital versions are priced at $9.95 right now, but should be $4.95! We are working to get that fixed!




Museum of the Weird Poster Print:



Thursday, Jan 31st Signing Cancelled

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the signing at the Encitias, CA Barnes and Noble has been cancelled.

Please consider joining us the next day, Friday, Feb 1st, at the Barnes and Noble in Orange, CA. Information on the event page!


The cover!


Here is the cover of the book, designed by the amazingly talented Pentakis Dodecahedron of Bamboo Forest Publishing. It looks amazing!

Getting close now…

Good Day Interview Posted

Here is the interview I did on Good Day Sacramento!

Click here to watch it!



Good Day Sacramento!

On 2/11/12, I’ll be hearing on Good Day Sacramento to talk about the book and to share some fun Rolly stories!

I’ll be on around 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST

You can watch live at

Rolly & Walt

There will be an actual, high quality scan of this in the book (not just a photo of a photo!), but I just wanted to share this great photo that Walt signed and gave to Rolly. Notice how Walt signed his name…nothing like that iconic font we know and love today!

We need your help!

We need your help, oh great citizens of the Internet! We’re looking for some old Disney photos that you may have in your collection. Things such as:

Adventureland Bazaar in 1963

Tower of Four Winds

Enchanted Tiki Room in the 60s

It’s A Small World at World’s Fair

The Land in 1980s

Bear-y Tales at Knott’s Berry Farm

Circus World

Basically, all stuff that Rolly brought to life.

Can you help? We need more for the book & would love to see any from your personal collection.

We will gladly give you credit AND a signed copy of the book! Please email me from the CONTACT page if you have anything that could be of us!