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  • Head Ov Metal:

    You are welcome to use any of my Disney pictures.

    They are here:

    Disneyland 1978

    Disney World 1997

  • The Orange County Archives is the historical repository for (among many other things) Knott’s Berry Farm. I’ve posted seven Knott’s Bear-y Tales photos on our Flickr stream. Just search our stream for “Tales,” and they should all pop up. From there, you can download them at any resolution you like.

    All we ask is that you put a credit slug under any of our photos you publish: “Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.”

    Hope this helps. Can’t wait to read the book!


    Chris Jepsen
    Assistant Archivist
    Orange County Archives
    (714) 834-4771

  • Fred Bloss:

    I have digitized copies of home movies from Disneyland circa 1964. I have the means to crop them out of the whole file that has much more than that. If you are interested in my doing that and forwarding the results to you for analysis I would be more than happy to do that. Just let me know by return email,

  • RDMcNeil:

    Even though I do not have any photos from way back when I have always loved the work that had been done to the park to keep visitors comming every day. Since I am a big fan of the haunted mansion I was wondering if you could shine some light to my question. I was wondering who are the people that are in the streching portraits and the story of how these people wound up in their deathly states.

  • Ken Anderson:

    Will Rolly be at the upcoming Tiki Room 50th Anniversary event? We’d love to see him, and won’t go if he won’t be there. Ken & Liz

  • Ana Clark:

    Hello Jeff,

    When will Vol. 2 – 5 be available in physical prints/books?
    I bought Vol. 1 and I absolutely love the feel of the book, the stories, the photography.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Ana šŸ™‚

    • Jeff:

      Hi Ana,
      The first two audio CDs have been transcribed, and are available as eBooks. Vols 3-5 will be transcribed eventually. There are no plans for physical copies, though! Sorry!

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